Bill Cosby on Trayvon Martin, Angela Corey, Tim Tebow and the Chicken Heart that Ate New York

MetroJacksonville's Stephen Dare interviews legendary comedian

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Bill Cosby

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - In advance of Bill Cosby's Artist Series appearance in Jacksonville this Sunday, the legendary comedian dishes on the Trayvon Martin Case, Angela Corey, Tim Tebow, Fat Albert and the Cosby kids, the Chicken Heart that Ate New York, The Lone Ranger and Tonto and much more.

Stephen Dare of interviewed the often outspoken comedian who has dazzled generations of fans with his comedy routines captured on iconic albums and best-selling books such as Fatherhood, and his groundbreaking television show, The Cosby Show.

In the interview, Cosby was asked about speaking out on the Trayvon Martin case in which he said the issues is more about guns than about race. He said guns are too easy to get and there's not enough tolerance between people.

"We have to be careful about integrity and honesty, even when people are the same color speaking the same language," Cosby said.

Asked whether he was pleased that State Attorney Angela Corey filed charges against George Zimmerman in Martin's killing, he said: "Not yet. I say we have to see how the case goes, how it is presented."

Cosby was then asked to comment on Tim Tebow, who made Time magazine's list of most influential people.

"I loved what was happening in Denver, because so many people were talking about how he was not a good quarterback," Cosby said. "The crowd seemed to want this kid, and once they got him, magic started to happen in a hilarious way. That they would be losing, turn to something else, turn back, and they won."

Cosby said Tebow is the kind of guy any employer would want.

"The guy talks about putting time in, talks about getting better, talks about doing his best and keeps a good level head about himself," Cosby said. "That's about all you can ask for from someone."

But Cosby said God got in the way for the national media.

"So this white American scores a touchdown and he kneels to thank his maker ... and all of a sudden, the money-making people on the TV screen and in the newspapers find fault with that," Cosby said.

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