Board meeting held about Ga. school sex scandal

Top Georgia educators arrested in teacher probe

DARIEN, Ga. - The board's decision sent shock waves throughout the county Thursday.

Investigators said the Board of Education Superintendent Tina Kirby, Assistant Superintendent of facilities Larry Day and McIntosh Academy Principal Terrance Haywood were all accused of failing to report suspected child abuse.

The person who police said committed that abuse was 41-year-old and now former math high school teacher Lori Quigley. She was arrested last month on three counts of sexual assault and resigned when she posted bond.

Quigley (pictured, below) is accused of engaging in sexual acts with two students on multiple occasions in her classroom and at a local Waffle House.

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A strange board of education meeting was held Thursday night because the media was told to leave for an hour. They were brought back in time to hear one of the board members to bring the motion to the floor to suspend all three administrators until further notice, but no one seconded that.

The motion died on the floor and the administrators get to keep their jobs, despite their arrests.

The meeting was packed Thursday night with parents and educators, who are now worried about the future of the students and their school system.

John Littles is a parent who was shocked by the school board's decision.

"It was shocking to see that there was a lack of second to support as suspension -- even if it's for a day, two days. To develop a plan of action for these kids," Littles said.

Barbara Willis is a substitute teacher at the school who is concerned with the children's future.

"What's going to happen to our children. We love them, the board says they love them, but why are they keeping the ones that need to step aside?" said Willis.

The superintendent and the assistant superintendent were both there for the meeting and left before reporters could ask them to comment.

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