Brunswick community dealing with tragedies

Man charged in stabbings of couple, killing of 22-year-old

BRUNSWICK, Ga. - The Brunswick community is coming to grips with two killings, at the center of which is 20-year-old Raymond Brasiel.

He's been charged with murder and aggravated assault involving the stabbings of a Glynn County couple, one of whom died, and charges are pending against Brasiel in the death of 22-year-old Amber Whited (pictured, below), a mother of two. Police suspect a body found off a local road is hers.

Police are still trying to connect the dots in both crimes, but are being very tight-lipped.

The community, however, is talking, and many say they're shocked and concerned.

The neighbor and property manager for Bobby and Mickie Jenks, who didn't want to be identified, said he and his wife tried to help the couple, but it was too late for Bobby.

"It's tragic, senseless. Man wouldn't hurt a flea," the manager said.

"Brunswick is supposed to be a very safe place," Glynn County resident Cherri Lambert said.

But now Lambert is having second thoughts about the city where she was born and raised.

She placed a cross at the makeshift memorial off Bladen Road for Whited, where investigators say they found the body they believe to be hers. Police consider Brasiel (pictured, below) a suspect in her death.

"I don't understand why you don't have a value for life," Lambert said.

She said people in the community are upset by the national attention to the story of the missing mother and yet another crime police believe Brasiel is connected to -- the attack on the couple.

"Seems like it's pushing people away," Lambert said. "This community has so much history and so much to offer."

The community is mourning and ready for tragedies like this to stop.

"My hope is that this community will band together and become stronger," Lambert said.

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