Brunswick-Glynn Co. team up to fight violent crime

Violent crime task force formed after recent murders, shootings

BRUNSWICK, Ga. - After the second homicide in the Brunswick area in less than three weeks, agency heads from the city and Glynn County police departments, along with the Glynn County Sheriff's Office gathered earlier this month to form a violent crimes task force.

"When we typically have two or three murders a year in Brunswick, two in a short time period is a serious problem," said Major Greg Post of the Brunswick Police Department.

Glynn County Police Chief Matt Doering said they've also had more crimes with guns -- drive-by and deadly shootings -- outside the city limits.

"We have some unsolved robberies. We have some unsolved homicides. We have some unsolved thefts from cars," Doering said.

The group's goal is to solve crimes that have occurred and try to prevent future violent crimes.  The first step is sharing information.

"Too often we assume each of us knows something, ad to overcome those assumptions we need to go back and make the information that we know right now is available," Doering said.

Earlier this month, Doering said they caught someone trying to sell and assault weapon to three gang members. Since one of the gang members was 16, one of the task force's first actions was to invite representatives of the Glynn County School Police and the District Attorney into the group.

Anyone with information about any recent violent crimes in Glynn County is asked to call Silent Witness 912-264-1333 or 912-267-6616.

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