Brunswick residents frustrated with debris cleanup

Mayor Bryan Thomas says pickup will be back to normal in coming weeks

BRUNSWICK, Ga. - Residents in Brunswick say they're are annoyed by the lack of yard debris cleanup in their city. 

"You have a lot of people in the community upset about trash and debris being picked up," said resident Kenneth Adkins. 

City leaders have admitted there have been problems with yard waste pick up since signing a new contract with Waste Management late last year.

"You got to walk around trash and the piles are getting bigger and bigger and it's becoming a community eyesore," said resident Lawton Pickney. 

Channel 4 spoke with Mayor Bryan Thomas Monday night. According to Bryan, the city is getting the problem under control. Bryan said cleanup will be back to normal in the near future.

"We're working through that. I think the citizens are figuring out some of the new regulations as far as pickup," said Thomas. "We're working through that, everything with this little bit of backlog should be caught up in one to two weeks."

The city told Channel 4 Monday that when the economy dropped out a few years ago they cut back to picking up yard waste every two weeks, but the new contractor has brought back weekly pick up and the city is working through transitional problems for residents. 

Adkins said he doesn't think the yard waste back up is simple, and the problem has been going on about 6 or 7 months.

"There are a lot of citizens who live in this community complaining about debris, so they are pretty upset," said Adkins. 

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