Business targeted in loan scam

Better Business Bureau warns owner of All-N-One Check Advance in Gainesville

GAINESVILLE, Fla. - The owner of a business in Gainesville recently got an alarming call from the Better Business Bureau, alerting him that his reputation was put on the line.

Scott Marion owns an All-N-One Check Advance in Gainesville. The BBB told Marion that someone was trying to run a scam online and used his company's name to do it. 

"I've been an A+ rating for them for 18 years and never had a single complaint, so obviously it is a concern," said Marion.

According to the BBB, someone hijacked Marion's business' name and used it to try to scam people out of a lot of money. The scammers claiming to be part of Marion's company told consumers that they had been approved for a loan but they'd have to make a small refundable deposit to prove they could pay the loan off.

That deposit, according to BBB, would be reimbursed through a prepaid debit card. But the promise to pay was all a sham. Those who fell for it lost a lot of money, BBB said.

"They're hijacking the good name of legitimate business to make money and be crooks basically," said BBB's Tom Stephens. "It's more common than you think, we've seen it with car sales, sales of just about everything."

Stephens said the Better Business Bureau is investigating this scam and trying to track down the thieves who put it together. 

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