Car break-in spree at Amelia Island, Little Talbot Island State Parks

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Police are investigating reports of a car break-in spree at Amelia Island State Park and the Little Talbot Island State Park Saturday.

According to authorities, thieves damaged and stole from more than eight vehicles at the two parks.

Shortly before noon, victims reported thieves stole money, purses, wallets, cell phones and prescriptions inside their vehicles at Little Talbot Island.

Debra Green said the crooks smashed her car windows and took her purse.

"I am furious because there's no patrol, no cameras, no one goes out there. How can someone hit that many vehicles?"

Park rangers reported a total of four cars were broken into at North Beach and one in Fort George Inlet.

After the rash of break-ins, staff patrolled other parking lots and buildings in the parks and found that two cars had been broken into on the Amelia Island lower parking lot and another at the Seahorse Ranch parking lot.

The Nassau County Sheriff's Office is investigating the Amelia Island break-ins, and the FWC is investigating the Little Talbot Island break-ins.

Channel 4 crime analyst Ken Jefferson said drivers should never leave valuables on the seat or in plain sight because it tempts thieves.

"Either take them with you or lock them in the trunk of your vehicle so it will be out of their sight," he said. "But you can never become too comfortable thinking everything is okay because it's not."

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