Census shows Jacksonville has best, worst ZIP codes for jobs

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Young people looking for work in the River City may be out of luck in Northwest Jacksonville.

U.S. Census data on ZIP codes and other geographies released Thursday shows the best place for younger workers to find jobs in Florida is in the Tallahassee-area ZIP code of 32312. The worst place is in the Northwest Jacksonville ZIP code of 32209.

"'Cause there's no jobs out here whatsoever, there is none," said 18-year-old Northwest Jacksonville resident Chryseanna Hall, who's looking for a job. "You can't get a job out here for no reason."

Hall says it's clear there are less opportunities around where she lives.

"They are all bigger companies that we're not ready for yet, so not ready, and convenience stores. It's just a bad neighborhood to get a job," she said.

Although that's bad news, there's some good news for those who have a college degree.

Among workers with a college education, Jacksonville's 32205 ZIP code -- the Riverside area -- is the best place for workers. The area has a 1.3 percent unemployment rate among those with a bachelor's degree. The worst was a ZIP code in Bonita Springs, along the southwest coast.

Trey Curry works in the Avondale area and he thinks young people have a better chance at getting hired there.

"I think this area is really developing a lot more rapidly than it has in the past," Curry said.

He said that because of the smaller companies in Avondale, it's easier for young people to find their place.

"In terms of people who are looking for smaller niche offices or firms, this area has a lot to offer," Curry said.

The best place for black workers was the Miami ZIP code of 33018 where the unemployment rate for African-Americans last year was just 0.4 percent. The worst place was the 34667 ZIP code north of Tampa.

Candace Moody, of WorkSource, says that overall, jobs are looking up for those of all ages.

"Things are really picking up for employment, and things are starting to improve," Moody said. "WorkSource is seeing a lot more jobs posted, and unemployment is right around 8 percent now and it was as high as 11 percent."

Moody said having a college degree or specialty degree really makes a difference in getting a job.

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