Chase Bank's 'Warriors at Work' success stories

By Kent Justice - Anchor/reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Two men share their success stories from JP Morgan Chase and that company's 100,000-jobs initiative designed to hire American veterans.

"I went to multiple companies for over a year and got turned down," said Jason France, who sailed for the U.S. Navy, doing tours to West Africa aboard the USS Carr. "Chase is the first company to give me an opportunity. For that I'm grateful."

"It's something greatly needed, as we have lot of veterans coming home," said Brandon Hamby, who served eight years and wound up his career in the Marines as a recruiter.

Chase Vice President Steve Vachon says the company hears "thank you" for its efforts when members of the military find their way into the corporate world.

'The training program (has the) ability to get right into the workforce, to have professional career outside the dedicated service they already provided to this country," Vachon said.

The big challenge Chase saw for veterans is turning dedicated service into a a steady income at home. 

Maureen Casey is Chase's managing director of military and veterans affairs.

"With more than one million transitioning out over the next couple of years, they're entering a competitive job market," Casey said. "We know that, for post-911 veterans in particular, the unemployment rates are a little higher than the national average."

Chase launched their effort to help military members -- recognizing that skills acquired serving the country can be refined to raise the level of success in business.

"What we've seen, is that many service members are challenged to describe what kind of jobs they had when they were in the military. And at the same time, employers are challenged by understanding the military," Casey said.

Hamby now uses the skills honed as a recruiter to help Chase's veteran employment campaign.

"As I get more knowledge about what we are doing... for the veteran community -- it's something people need to know... because its something very much so needed.

He's only been with Chase about a month, but he's already sharing his story with other veterans to inspire them to share their talents.

"Knowing who I was before Marine Corps, and who I was coming out of the Marine Corps, there's a huge difference there," Hamby said. "The military teaches you things like attention to detail... holding yourself accountable. Those are things the banking industry can really benefit from."

France has two years under his belt with Chase. He's proud of his new work family and their commitment to his brothers and sisters in arms.

"The feeling I got was amazing. Obviously I researched other companies, competitors.  Chase was one of the best," France said. "I had sense of pride knowing I could work for such a positive company... who gave back to veterans, gave back to community."

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