City Council meeting over noise ordinance gets chaotic

Council president clears chambers, asks audience to 'behave yourself'

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The mere talk of regulating noise and eliminating some concerts at Metropolitan Park brought loud applause at a City Council meeting Tuesday night. 

The crowd of people opposed to the idea became so raucous that council president Bill Bishop decided to clear the chambers.

"We're going to stop it until it's done, so behave yourself," said Bishop.

Business resumed, but the confusion over what the council was considering continued. The city is trying to decide whether to waive the noise ordinance at Metropolitan Park until April 30, and set up noise measurements at the two neighborhoods across the river. 

The news satisfied one concert promoter, but many who gathered said they want to see Metro Park become a major concert venue.

Ginny Myrick, a former City Council member and St. Nicholas resident, told Channel 4 Tuesday that the park was never intended to host mega concerts, and that the city council should think twice before waiving the noise ordinance at the park for good. 

"The entertainment district should be Sunset after the Super Bowl. It was an oversight, I believe. If expanded tonight, it creates many unintended consequences such as changing the open container laws, and diverting city parking revenues," said Myrick.

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