Clark Howard weighs in on fiscal cliff

Talk radio host: Fiscal Cliff 'was a false crisis'

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - There was a sigh of relief Wednesday as taxpayers learned that an agreement in Washington was made to divert the U.S. from the Fiscal Cliff. 

Now there seems to be a sigh of disbelief as taxpayers learn about the add-ons congress tacked on to the Fiscal Cliff plan.

Rolled into the plan was $430 million for TV and film production in the United States, $222 million through returned excise taxes on imported rum and $70 million to NASCAR, extending a "cost recovery period for certain racing facilities." Also on the list are algae growers and electric motorcycle makers. 

The news of these add-ons is enough to frustrate already frazzled voters. Consumer advocate Clark Howard paid a visit to WOKV radio in Jacksonville on  Wednesday and told Channel 4 that it's nothing out of the ordinary for Capitol Hill. 

UNCUT: Clark Howard interview

"It was a very small deal," said Howard. "It was a false crisis that was designed really to get people to make big decisions and they had trouble even making baby ones."

Howard said the purpose of the crisis was to force Democrats and Republicans to come together and deal with long term budget problems facing the country. Instead, Howard said, they did nothing of the sort and upset voters in the process.

"They don't have a clue. They are spending money where it shouldn't be spent," said Howard.

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