Clay Co. School Board asks for investigation of superintendent

School board wants state attorney, governor to investigate superintendent

By Scott Johnson - Reporter

GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Fla. - The Clay County School Board voted 3-1 Wednesday night to have their own superintendent investigated by Florida's ethics commission, the state attorney's office and even the governor's office.

The disagreement between the superintendent and the school board stems from the way Superintendent Charlie Van Zant used school district money and resources at a conference called "Dare To Think," even after the board told him that he couldn't.

The school board said that Van Zant didn't listen to them, so they are heading to the governor with their concerns.

Van Zant wasn't at Wednesday night's meeting in Clay County, saying the meeting had no educational benefit.

Some are calling the conference Van Zant spent school board dollars at a partisan political event, others are calling it a conference on American history.

"This conference is non-partisan, it's the other side that has been attacking it in a partisan way. I am not representing any political opinion here, but they are," said organizer of Dare To Think, Bill Korache.

Board member Janice Kerekes has been one of Van Zant's biggest critics and pushed for a state ethic probe into the Superintendent. Kerekes also wants the State Attorney's Office and the Governor's office to investigate Van Zant's use of district resources.

"We have great schools and the schools have run great for years, and the past year is when that has started, when our superintendent has come on," said Kerekes. "It seems that we're not communicating, it's not working. I believe they need to do an investigation."

The level of political rhetoric was high at the meeting.

"There's several board members that are full-steam ahead, absolute social communists that hate God in America," said Raymond Johnson.

One school board member, Lisa Graham, wanted it made public that she did not vote in favor of investigating Van Zant, fearing voters and parents would believe she did.

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