Clay County drug sweep continues

39 arrested over 3-day span

MIDDLEBURG, Fla. - A day after 29 people were arrested on drug warrants in Clay County, detectives continued their sweep.

The total number of arrests rose to 37 Wednesday, then to 39 Thursday, and deputies said 16 others were still being sought.

At one house Tuesday, a mother, her husband and son were taken into custody.

According to deputies, 27-year-old Joseph Sweet was arrested on a warrant for selling pot. His mother, Linda Layfield, was arrested on a charge of intent to sell marijuana. Deputies said she has a prior record for dealing drugs.

Michael Layfield was arrested on a probable cause warrant, and Christopher Layfield was arrested at another location on a warrant for selling oxycodone.

While the raid was going on, Karly Walmsley was in the house. He said police told him to keep eating his breakfast. Walmsley said he is not surprised by the raid.

"I had an idea, but I was not going to say nothing," he said. "Time will tell. People like that, if you say something, it's likely to get back at you."

It was during these raids Tuesday when deputies went to a house on County Road 215 in Middleburg and found a meth lab. They arrested five people. One has since been released on bond.

There were two children in the house who are now with a relative. The Department of Children and Families is investigating.

There were also many other homes and apartments raided by deputies, including one in Green Cove Springs, where several people were arrested on charges of selling pot and crack cocaine.

Neighbors said they had no idea that kind of thing was happening so close to them.

"It is scary because you don't know what those people will do," neighbor Robert Ruck said. "I mean, they get all high and could hurt somebody."

Those arrested Wednesday were:

Christina Bates, 22
Demarcus Bussey, 28
James Felton, 58
Lewis Hicks, 59
John Jud, 47
Eric Osgood, 49
Justin Saari, 19

Those arrested Thursday were:

Alex Harrison, 26
Courtney-Anne Guarino, 20

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