Clients frustrated with affordable health care website

Woman says she's tried roughly 6 times a day to log on in past 3 weeks

By Scott Johnson - Reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Frustration with the Affordable Care Act continues as millions of Americans try and enroll online with minimal success.

Channel 4 spoke with one woman who's been trying everyday for weeks and still cannot enroll in the Government's new health care system.

Dawn Constantin is a single mother who lost her husband three years ago.

"I am just trying to take care of my family," said Constantin.

Constantin told Channel 4 that she spends hours every day trying to get insurance through

"Now, I am having trouble getting my identity verified," said Constantin. "There's a site, what would you say jumbled? Jumbled with people trying to get on it, get in it, they can't and try later. Why can't the identity be verified to get the applications process through?"

Constantin was recently told that her state-run health care plan for low-income residents is being discontinued. She said she's tried roughly six times a day to log on to the system for the last three weeks.

"I had insurance and the president is telling me what I should get. The president's telling me what I should need and my insurance is getting wiped out because of Obamacare," said Constantin (pictured, right). "I got a letter that says as of December my insurance won't be available anymore, due to the affordable health care act."

Dr. Carolyn McClanahan, who is an expert on the Affordable Care Act, suggests that people stay patient. McClanahan said the site should be fully operational within the coming weeks.

"It's a very complicated site because a lot of agencies have to talk. IRS has to talk to HHS and they all have to talk to insurance companies. So there are a lot of moving parts," said Dr. McClanahan. "There was a premise there that not a lot of people would use the site at first and I think the site got 2 million to 4 million in the first day. That means there's a huge need and it's not just the client you spoke to earlier, but the people in their 60s paying $1,500 a month, and now they'll be able to get a much more affordable policy through ACA."

The deadline to enroll is Dec. 15.

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