Cold snap booms local business

Coffee shops, automobile repair and hardware stores see increase in business

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - While the cold weather is bad news for some, certain businesses benefit from these freezing temperatures. Places like coffee shops and hardware stores are going through hot chocolate and insulation like never before.

At Chamblin's coffee shop in downtown Jacksonville, Barista Cayla Begley was the busiest she's been since she started working there.

"We have gotten a lot more business lately when it gets colder some people are trying to stay inside but you know they still have to go to work so they're coming in for those hot apple ciders and those hot chocolates. We are going through it so it's good, we're making good tip money," said Begley.

Tuesday, the shop went through six gallons of milk compared to about three gallons on an average winter day.

"Everyone is sitting indoors… our patio isn't getting much attention," said Begley.
Hardware stores are also picking up.

"Yesterday as people begin to realize, it's sort of like a hurricane when they realize finally it's not going to miss us, it's going to hit us, then they start coming at the last minute," said Ed Powell, owner of Bold City Hardware.

Bold City Hardware is experiencing a higher volume of customers looking for cold weather-related items.

"We probably did three times as much as we ordinarily do in propane. Naturally we sold almost all our pipe insulation any product that prevents freezing is a product that would be on sale today," said Powell.

Powell said if you can learn anything about preparing for the cold this time around, get your supplies early.

"Most people came in and said you know, I was going to do this two years ago and they didn't do it, so naturally they're down here wondering why we're out of stuff," said Powell.

Automotive shops and tire installation businesses are also cashing in with this weather. It's this time of year you usually need a tune-up to get your anti-freeze checked out, your brakes worked on and tires filled up.

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