Corey frustrated by speculation on Alexander case

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - State Attorney Angela Corey is firing back at people who she says are airing their opinions about the Marissa Alexander case without knowing all of the facts.

A jury convicted Alexander of aggravated assault for firing what she said was a warning shot during an argument with her estranged husband.

Last month, a judge sentenced her to 20 years in prison based on Florida's "10-20-Life" law.

This week, a commentary appeared in a Kansas City newspaper saying there was no justice when the real victim is the one behind bars.

Corey said that's frustrating to hear.

"All the people that are writing about this case and blogging, they haven't even bothered to check on the facts yet," Corey said. "And so it's disappointing that people want to try cases in the media, but not put all the facts out."

Corey said she can't respond directly to criticism like this and accusations made against her personally because of the code of ethics.

She said it's morally and ethically wrong for people to render opinions on cases where they don't know all of the facts.

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