Coworkers 'devastated' over woman killed in Clay County murder-suicide

Woman identified, still in critical condition

ORANGE PARK, Fla. - Co-workers of a woman deputies said was shot and killed by her husband mourned her loss and said her death is devastating.

Sam Brule worked with Cynthia Hayes and said coming into work Saturday was very difficult.

"It hurts," Brule said. "It's terrible to come in here and not see her…I didn't call her Ms. Cynthia, I called her Boss Lady. You know my Boss Lady's not coming in anymore. It hurts, it hurts a lot."

Clay County Sheriff's deputies said just before 5:30 p.m. Friday in the 400 block of Thornberry Road, Cynthia Hayes' estranged husband, David, shot a female friend he was with.

A witness said a woman was found lying in the front yard with a gunshot wound. She said Cynthia Hayes ran into a neighbor's house and told the people inside to call 911. The witness said David walked out of the home with a shotgun, went into the home where Cynthia was hiding, and shot and killed her.

Investigators think David then chased Cynthia down to shoot her, before going back in his house and shooting himself.

David survived, but died at the hospital later. The first woman who was shot was in critical condition at Orange Park Medical Center Saturday, she has been identified as Misty Bauder 34 of Green Cove Springs

Brule said the whole thing is tragic and he cannot believe the woman he called his boss, mother and friend is gone.

"I enjoyed every day with her," Brule said. "That last day I was with her, we had a rough day as far as sales go and we still were just joking… it was just fun to be around her. We had fun and we got the job done. She was an excellent leader."

Brule said customers came into their business and called on the phone Saturday just to pay their respects and send condolences. He said she had an impact on a lot of people.

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