Creator at One Spark hopes to take idea to next level

By Kumasi Aaron - Reporter/The Morning Show anchor

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - One creator at One Spark is back for the second year hoping to take the idea brought to life by One Spark to the next level.
Forge is a 3D printing company in Jacksonville  and it's one of the companies seeing the most movement when it comes to votes at One Spark.

"The process is just building layer by layer," says owner Bryce Pfanensteil. "And so it allows you to make some things that couldn't be made other ways."

At their business in downtown Jacksonville, liquid resin hardens each layer of their items with UV light.

"We wouldn't have a business if it wasn't for One Spark," Pfanensteil says.
He and his partner got the money they needed to buy their own 3D printer by placing fourth in the technology category last year. Then they opened up shop, making Jacksonville one of the first seven cities in the country to have a 3D printing company.
While last year was all about them, this time, Pfanensteil it's about helping build other creators.

When it comes to votes, they're one of the top movers from Thursday to Friday at One Spark.

"I think the strategy is not showing people why they should vote for me but showing them what we can do for them," Pfanensteil says. "That's our position with the technology."

They can print almost anything, including  trophies, custom iPhone cases and even a prosthetic hand for an injured child.

Whatever money that Forge gets  at One Spark Pfanensteil says they'll use it to buy a 3D metal printer so they can print things and 3D solar panels.

Every conversation is a potential vote which could bring them closer to their goal,  of growing their business and helping others in the process.

Pfanensteil says, "We've been giving out our business card and we've got a lot of new business opportunities, so anxious to grind it,  polish it and let it shine."

Until Sunday Forge, along with all the creators here, will be waiting to see what the voters decide.

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