Creators pitch projects at One Spark

Winner to walk away with $10K

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - It's the last day of One Spark and hundreds of people got out to take one last look at this year's creators.
A panel of jurors have been selected to vote for their favorite creator in each category, but before they make their selection, the top three creators from each category had to pitch their projects live in front of a crowd and the jurors.

It's a pitch that could launch their project, so it's no wonder the top three juror favorites from each of the five categories pitched for their life.

"My pitch is about bringing color and artwork to streets that do not have it," said Shaun Thurston, with Project Atrium. "As an artist, it's the first thing that I see lacking and it's how I can contribute."

"I've been working my butt off," said Florence Haridan, with Conscious Market.

The panel of jurors were asked to select their top three favorites from four categories, including art, innovation, music, science and technology. Those 15 creators got up to pitch their projects in hopes that the jurors will select them to walk away with $10,000.

Haridan's project takes leftover food from restaurants and turns them into a new product. She's already taken leftover bagels from Einstein Bagels and turned them into a snack mix.

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"And now they're in hotels across the United States," Haridan said.

She said she's looking to raise $250,000 to purchase trucks and materials and to get more devices that keeps track of location, weight  and the temperature of the boxes carrying food to ensure it doesn't go bad.

Shaun Thurston is looking for $24,000 so he can create artwork around the city. He was a part of One Spark last year and used all of his earnings toward this year's project of 20 murals -- all made in one year. This year, he plans on giving half of his earnings to the Museum of Contemporary Art to help other artists thrive.

"A large percentage of humans are artists and they feed off of other people's artwork to be inspired and in return, produce for the community they're a part of," Thurston said.

Haridan and Thurston were only two of the creators that were picked by the jurors to possibly win $10,000 and a trip to Berlin for the One Spark Event happening over there.

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