Daughter defends dad after gas station attack

Brittany Bond: 'My father was protecting his daughter'

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JACKSONVILLE - Channel 4 first aired surveillance video of a man being punched inside a Jacksonville Gate gas station.

In January Sheldon Bryant said he was attacked at that gas station by a man who he said was a stranger. Bryant said he had no idea why the man had hit him.

"I have no clue, I would like to know myself, I would like to be able to ask him to know myself why," Bryant said in the beginning of September.

Stewart Bond guilty on charges of battery and is serving jail time. 

But since the attack aired on Channel 4, Bond's family wants their side of the story out.

Bond's daughter, Brittany Bond, said Bryant and her father are not strangers and the punch wasn't a random act.

"I just wanted to know there is a reason, Sheldon is aware," said Bond. "I was scared and my father was protecting me," she said.

Bond told Channel 4 Monday night that Bryant lives near them. She said the attack was due to a dispute.

"I just wanted everyone to know my father's part of the story and what escalated up to the situation," said Bond.

While Bond will have to face charges for the attack, his daughter said he was protecting her from Bryant because of their dispute. She stressed that her father would never attack a random person.

"My father was protecting his daughter and that's what I want people to know. My father's not some crazy idiot running around hitting people," said Bond.

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