Davis family attorney speaks about Dunn trial

Opening statements emotional for Jordan Davis' family

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Jacksonville lawyer John Phillips, who represents Jordan Davis' family, says that his clients are reliving the worst week of their lives.

Davis died 14 months ago and Phillips told Channel 4 that the opening statements were emotional for Davis' family.

"They are reliving the worst week of their life," said Phillips. "Cory Strolla pointed at Ron, used his name; that's tough to hear, but there's nothing that's going to be said in the courtroom that they don't already know."

"Dunn had every right under the law not to be a victim, to be judged by 12 not carried by 6," Cory Strolla said in court Thursday.

"Hearing what we heard in court today, there's a lot of untruth in that, a lot of speculation. Jacksonville's learning what we've known the entire time: there was no gun," said Phillips. "He's on the other side saying nasty things about my clients that I know aren't true. It's tough to hear, but it's two weeks of their life and they'll get through it."

Phillips is not part of the prosecution, but State Attorney Angela Corey told Channel 4 that Friday is expected to be a big day in the courtroom. Phillips speculates that the other passengers in the car with Davis could take the stand.

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