Day care worker sentenced to jail 2 days per year for death of boy, 2

46-year-old woman pleads guilty to manslaughter, receives unique sentence

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A woman who pleaded guilty to manslaughter Wednesday received a unique sentence from a judge.

Steven Spurlock, 2 (pictured below), drowned to death in May under the care of 46-year-old Jan Marie Buchanan, who operated Kiddie Heaven, a family day care home, without a license.

Buchanan not only received 10 years probation, she will serve two days a year during her probation in jail -- Spurlock's birthday, which was Dec. 9, and the day that Spurlock died, which is May 24.

It's a unique sentence, but one the prosecutor in the case calls "fair."

"What prompted me to do something different is that I felt Ms. Buchanan needed to be held accountable criminally for the death of this child," said Assistant State Attorney Alan Mizrahi. "At the same time I did not feel that Ms. Buchanan was a threat to society, she did not need to be incarcerated for any long period of time."

Buchanan will also donate $2,000 a year during her probation to Safe Kids of Northeast Florida to promote swim safety.

"I think she's appreciative, I think she's remorseful," said Mizrahi. "I think Ms. Buchanan knows she made a mistake and accepted responsibility for that mistake."

Additionally, Buchanan is banned from ever owning or operating a day care facility.

It is believed that Buchanan will complete her sentence in Illinois.

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