Deliberate Hemming Park Neglect

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Images of Hemming Plaza Falling Apart has been following the dynamiters circus that has been swirling around Hemming Park for the past few years.

Ever since Jerry Moran of La Cena restaurant called for the relocation of all jobless, homeless or otherwise 'undesireable' people to 'concentration camps' at a downtown meeting called to deal with the issues of vagrancy and panhandling about 8 years ago.

Anti 'bummery' envelope pushers have been very successful in driving the narrative that the only thing wrong with downtown is the presence of a few panhandlers (coincidentally located a block away from Moran's restaurant) including the tactic of sending a video of a mentally ill man taking a crap on the sidewalk as an attachment to a christmas email a few years back (resulting in youtube videos being banned for a time at City Hall)

There have been inumerable meetings on the state and condition of Hemming Park, and all of them have gravitated to strategies designed to punish the 'undesirables' (along with everyone else) and removing all amenities until it is so physically uncomfortable not even homeless people will want to hang around.

Images of Hemming Plaza Falling Apart

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