Demonstrators return to Duval County Courthouse for Dunn trial

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The demonstrations continued Tuesday outside the Michael Dunn trial. Two different groups showed up at the Duval County Courthouse with a message directed toward State Attorney Angela Corey.

The New Jim Crow Movement and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference joined together in peaceful protest, demanding justice for Jordan Davis, the 17-year-old victim in the case against Michael Dunn.

"He's a child and it's disturbing that -- What's his name? Michael Dunn -- that Michael Dunn thought that he could get away with it," said Terry Gilliam, of the SCLC. "He cannot get away with this."

"We are here today because we don't want what happened in the Zimmerman case to happen in this case with Dunn," said Aleta Alston-Toure, of the New Jim Crow Movement and Free Marissa Now, a group that supports Marissa Alexander.

Both groups say there's a connection between the Dunn and Zimmerman case that cannot be ignored -- young, black youth killed senselessly as a result of weak self-defense claims from Dunn and Zimmerman.

Both cases brought a group from London to Jacksonville to shoot a documentary and understand Florida's law on self-defense.

"After Trayvon Martin's death, now we've got Jordan's death," said documentary producer Asela Villar. "What's going to happen with society in America? America is supposed to be a free country. America is supposed to be the example for the world. And with these kind of killings and these kind of laws, we can't see that. That's why we want to record, because we think this is a human tragedy."

Corey has been the prosecutor for both cases. Protestors say they want her to fight hard to convict Dunn.

"We want Angela Corey to do a top-notch job and not lose this case here," SCLC President Opio Sokoni said.

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