Deputies: Deltona woman, 73, crashed into child, drove away

8-year-old hit while riding on scooter, deputies say

ORMOND BEACH, Fla. - A 73-year-old Deltona woman has been arrested after Volusia County deputies say she hit a 8-year-old boy on a scooter with her car and drove away on Tuesday afternoon.

Rosa Aiezza was charged with failure to stop or remain at a crash, a felony charge, after she hit 8-year-old Eddie Sims while driving her Chevy Impala east on Fort Smith Boulevard.

Eddie told WKMG-TV he was racing his brother on his electric scooter when he was hit.

"The lady stopped and then she went off," Eddie said. "I pressed the brakes a little bit, that's when the car hit the front wheel and I was in the air, and crushed my foot."

According to the 911 calls, Aiezza was stopped by a witness who asked if she realized she hit the child.

Witness: "Did the scooter come in contact with your car?"
Driver: "Pardon me?"
Witness: "Did the kid?"
Driver: "Yeah he stopped in the front of my car."
Witness: "And you hit him with the car?"
Driver: "No, no, no, I don't do nothing."
Witness: "The scooter. Yea the lady admitted that she hit the scooter."

Aiezza told deputies she applied her brakes and just hit Sims' scooter, knocking him down. She said one of the children on scene told her he was OK and that she could leave.

Aiezza stated she thought "it was no big deal," and that the boy said he was OK. She told deputies she wasn't aware she had to report the incident to VCSO and that she hadn't been driving very long because of the recent passing of her husband.

The boy was taken to Fish Memorial Hospital with a foot injury. The boy was found to be at fault for the initial crash for not yielding to oncoming traffic. Aiezza was arrested for leaving the scene and taken to Volusia County jail on $1,000 bond.

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