Deputies: Student holds knife to another student's neck

No students hurt; student with knife taken off school property

By Crystal Moyer - Traffic/reporter

BAKER COUNTY, Fla. - A Baker County High School girl held a knife to another student's neck at the school Tuesday morning, according to the Baker County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies say the 17-year-old student had multiple kitchen knives and a bread knife (all pictured below) and began waving a knife around in the school's cafeteria about 7:15 a.m., deputies said.

One student said it started as an argument, then the girl pulled a knife to the other girl's throat.

"I heard another student came up to the girl who had the knife up to her throat and grabbed her arm and pulled her away," said Baker County senior Sarah Farnesi. "So they helped split things up and then by that time, other teachers were coming in and helped stop things."

Deputies said the third girl -- smaller than the other two -- stepped in to break it up before the teachers got there.

"For her, going in there and putting herself in harms way, I would never recommend it, but it was a selfless thing for her to do," said Baker County Lt. Brad Dougherty. "To go in there, seeing the knives -- four knives. It could have actually ended a lot worse than it did."

The student with the knife was escorted off campus by the school's resource officer and principal. 

"I don't know her intentions at this point," Dougherty said. "They appear to be kitchen knives. Apparently she took them from her house and brought them to school."

The girl who was attacked was not hurt but quite shaken. She was sent home for the day.

According to the Baker County School District Superintendent Sherri Raulerson said an alert message was sent to parents regarding the situation.

"We are just very blessed and thankful that everyone is safe," Raulerson said.

Deputies said the student is going through a psychological evaluation and the incident is under investigation.

As the incident happened before the school day began, the school was never on lock and classes began on normal schedule.

"The school is very good about taking care of kids and making sure everybody's safe and stuff," Farnesi said.

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