Detective shot in previous raid involved in latest meth bust

2 kids found during meth lab bust

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. - Clay County investigators said they arrested five people and busted a working meth lab in an Orange Park home where they found two children Tuesday night.

It was the first arrest for Detective Matt Hanlin since returning to duty after being shot in the arm during a meth lab raid that took the life of Detective David White earlier this year.

"He's doing well. Very well. Actually, excellent," said Clay County Sheriff's Office Capt. Barry Abramowitz. "He was released from his doctor to go to regular duty two weeks ago."

This meth lab was found on Tanglewood Boulevard during what investigators call a "knock and talk," where they knock at the door and ask for consent to go inside. It was the same technique used on the meth lab on Alligator Boulevard seven months ago. In that case, the man who opened the door was armed and began shooting.

In this case, no guns were found, but children 6 and 10 years old were in the home surrounded by ingredients to make methamphetamines. In addition to drug charges on all five of those arrested, the children's parents face child neglect charges.

"That's horrible," neighbor Laverne Sumner said. "We're not even a mile from the house. That's pretty bad."

Tuesday night's bust was the 14th in Clay County so far this year, resulting in 29 arrests.

The team Hanlin (file photo, right) is part of is responsible for most of those.

"He did participate in the actual search, because that's what he actually does," Abramowitz said. "He just jumped into it and has done a very good job, obviously with the five arrests."

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