Die-hard Jags fans show support at rally

Jaguars fans show support at Tavern in Jacksonville Beach

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Jacksonville Jaguars have a really tough test Sunday when they play the Denver Broncos in the Mile High city. Denver is one of the best teams in the league as the Jags are one of the worst.

The Vegas odds in this game is Denver by 28 points. But, that didn't stop fans from showing up at EverBank Field for a Stand United rally as the team hit the road.

Showing support is definitely something that's hard to do nowadays as this year's Jaguars are probably the worst in franchise history. But people are still wearing their teal, cheering on the home team.

They throw interceptions, they blow their coverage and they get trampled on. This year's Jaguars players aren't where they want to be, but not all is lost at Tavern in Jacksonville Beach. A group of dedicated fans came together to Stand United.

"It's not gonna be this season, I don't think it's going to be next season, but I think in 2015, we'll be in the playoffs," said Carol Bickle. "In it to win it and I'll be a season ticket holder until I die."

"It's a little discouraging, but I remember not having a team," said Robert Bickle.

The pep rally wasn't huge as only a handful turned out, but organizers say they'll keep trying.

"It's difficult at times, I mean not every team is a good team and it's hard to support them, but you've gotta stick with it," said Alex Shepard, Jaguars event planner.

If you stepped outside, it wasn't hard to find people who didn't have the same sense of optimism, like Paul "Strings" Ogden, a former fan.

"Once upon a time, but they went bad," said Ogden. "They went down the drain."

"It's painful. It's painful to watch," said Matt Vallez, who said it's hard to be a Jags fan now.

But the faithful remain standing, saying things will get better.

"The fan base is pretty fickle. You hear comments on talk radio and you go, you guys don't see the big picture," said Mitch Harding.

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