Dog park reopens Monday after dog with virus forced closure

BUNNELL, Fla. - Flagler County's Dog Park at Wadsworth Park reopens Monday with a new look that includes a new bench, landscaping, mulch and repainted fire hydrants for canines and their owners to enjoy.

The park was closed for a brief time when it was determined that a dog with an active case of the contagious parvovirus had visited the park. As a precaution the park was closed.

It was later determined by University of Florida veterinarians that the parvovirus is present where dogs frequent on a regular basis and it would be practically impossible eliminate the virus from an outdoor area because it can persist in the soil for years.

"Since the exposure risk is high in places commonly frequented by dogs, the best practice is to ensure that dogs are properly vaccinated against parvovirus," Dr. Crawford wrote in an email to Flagler County's Agricultural Extension Service. She also advised dog owners with puppies to avoid taking them to dog parks or areas frequented by other dogs until they are old enough to acquire immunity via vaccination.

Since the opening of the Wadsworth Park Dog Park, signage has been posted requiring dogs visiting the park be vaccinated.

While one area of Wadsworth opens, another area will close for renovations. The popular skate park at Wadsworth will be closed for maintenance and repairs on Tuesday and Wednesday and reopen on Thursday.

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