Dogs have neighborhood living in fear

Dogs' owner says she's taken steps to secure animals

By Scott Johnson - Reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A Jacksonville neighborhood is in a fight with the city over several dogs that continue to run the streets. Neighbors are concerned over seven dogs owned by Brenda Hickox on Hendewes Drive in Jacksonville. 

Some neighbors told Channel 4 Monday night that they are scared of the dogs, while others said they are now arming themselves for protection.

"I have to sit there in my truck with my 9 millimeter while my granddaughters are out there playing," said neighbor Jim Trosclair. "Before they get my granddaughters, I will get them."

"I was also attacked by two taking garbage up to the road," explained another neighbor, Jennifer. "Two of them jumped the fence and came after me. It is scary because there's a lot of children that live on this road. They did attack a young girl and bit her. They lived in a trailer up there and after she was attacked, they moved the trailer down the road."

"I've got a 6-foot fence here, got electrified fence there," said Hickox. "There was a place where two got out. They did chase somebody. I do have two tickets to pay right now because of that."

Hickox said that she put the fences up after the first encounter with Animal Control.  She said she feels that she's done enough.

"Once one of them got out and supposedly chased a little girl on a bicycle," said Hickox.

Hickox admitted that it concerns her, but that she has no issues with them getting out anymore.

Neighbors said despite Hickox's efforts, the problems keep coming.

"They've been terrorizing the neighborhood," said Trosclair. "Tried to bite that guy's 2-year-old. Three got out and attacked joggers, tried to bite a 9-year-old on her bicycle."

Channel 4 contacted Animal Control about the situation. They said they are aware of Hickox and the dogs. They said since June 2012 they've been called to the area at least six times.

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