Downtown Jacksonville's latest park, an afterthought?

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Adams Street has quickly become a place that generates heavy pedestrian use, as courthouse visitors and employees access garages and downtown businesses. Unfortunately, we forgot to follow our own streetscape standards when it comes to providing street trees. What will it say for downtown's pedestrians and their experience when they are forced to be exposed to Florida's natural elements?

With the courthouse serving as a popular locale in an area where the majority of the building stock has been demolished, a market for street vendors has been created. Could this be an ideal setting for daily food trucks in a city struggling to embrace daily food trucks in downtown?

With an abundance of space and visitors ranging in age, would a small tot lot (playground) make sense being installed somewhere within this two block green space? With such a vast amount of grassy space available, although it is exposed to Florida's harsh sun, it is obvious that this park was forgotten in the original plans.

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