Drainage still an issue with more rains

City asks residents to be patient

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Westside resident Daniel Liverman likes to ride his scooter five blocks to catch his bus, but after an influx of recent rains, he hasn't been able to make it past the end of his carport with his scooter or electric walker.

"The ditches are stopped up," Liverman said. "Trash."

In the last two weeks, the city's drainage systems have been put to the test. Neighborhoods like Lackawanna and St. Nicholas saw rising water seep into yards, garages, houses and cars.

Most homeowners blame garbage, leaves and mud for clogging their sewers. Wayne Hayes blames his neighbor.

"The guy just cuts his grass, lets it all go out on the curb," Hayes said. "Any dirt that washes down, he never cleans it out."

On Clinton Avenue in South Metro, there's still a lot of standing water and water that continues to seep into the neighborhood's drainage system.

Lackawanna resident Derrek Johnson filled three trash bags with garbage that floated up into his yard on Nolan Street. He said his neighborhood's sewer system is old and outdated.

"They are on the wrong side of the road," Johnson said. "It floods on this side of the street. Then we have drainage on the other side. But where's the drainage for this side? It goes and falls off on one little spot down there and it takes forever."

Marcy Cook, of the city's Department of Public Works, said crews are busy responding to calls and getting all the drains flowing again.

"Right now we are asking for patience," Cook said. "We have had a lot of rain. We understand there are a lot of issues all over town. We just need people to make those reports and get it in our system so we're aware of them and then just be patient with us because we've got a lot of issues and a big area to cover."

Residents with drainage issues can call 904-630-CITY, ext. 2489, or go to www.coj.net and register an issue.

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