Dunn appears in court in murder case

State Attorney Angela Corey will prosecute case

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The man accused of killing 17-year-old Jordan Davis was back in court Tuesday.

At a pretrial hearing for Michael Dunn, it was made known that State Attorney Angela Corey will prosecute the case herself.

Dunn is accused of firing into a SUV full of teens in a dispute over loud music. He says he was defending himself and his attorney has said this will be a "stand your ground" case. The defense said nothing, however, at the hearing about filing a "stand your ground" petition.

"That's what all the media wants to know, that's what we as a family want to know: If that's what he's going to plea, then we can go from there," said Ron Davis, Jordan's father.

Dunn's attorney asked the judge for a month to review discovery material he recently received and take depositions with witnesses at the Gate gas station that night. He's also requesting two documents -- one is a list of police officers who responded.

"The second document that the court has to order for the defense and that we offered to assist with is a list from Gate Petroleum of any witnesses or potential customers who could have been witnesses within that two-hour window," Corey said.

Both of Davis' parents were at the hearing. Judge Susanne Bass, who presided over Tuesday's hearing, acknowledged the parents and said they are always welcome in her courtroom.

"I think with his death, he has become even more alive to us, even more alive than we ever imagined," Lucy McBath, Jordan Davis' mother, said of her son.

At one point, Dunn turned in the direction of Davis' parents, but McBath said she couldn't look at him.

"I truly believe that he has no remorse, and I truly believe that he believes he has all the right to do what he did, and I can't look at him," she said.

Davis's parents want to make sure their son's life has meaning and creates a positive change in honor of him and all victims affected by gun violence.

"We will do whatever is in our power or our means to help all victims and help those who will become victims," McBath said. "It's not just about Jordan, it's bigger than all of us."

The next pretrial hearing for Dunn is March 19.

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