Dunn speaks to fiance, daughter in jailhouse recordings

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - In the latest recordings obtained by Channel 4 of Michael Dunn's jailhouse visits leading up to his trial, Dunn and his fiance, Rhonda Rouer, spoke to each other during a visit in January 2013.

Dunn told them his only concern was being able to afford bond, and he made it clear he was looking forward to trial because he said it would be impossible for a jury to side with the charges he was facing, charges he called "insane."

"I dream about you all the time," Dunn told Rouer.

"I dream about you, too," Rouer said.

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Rouer, who testified at Dunn's trial last month, fought back tears during the visit in Duval County isolation.

Dunn: "I try not to think about all the stuff I'm missing out on."
Rouer: "Yeah, I know. That's why I try not to tell you anything. Don't cry, baby. Please don't cry."
Dunn: "I miss you so much."
Rouer: "I miss you, too."
Dunn: "I'm sure happy to see you though."
Rouer: "I'm happy to see you."

Dunn had been in jail for about two months when Rouer visited.

Dunn: "I'm regretful that it happened, but I absolutely, I've replayed it over and over and I can't."
Rouer: "You need to -- I love you though."

Rouer cut Dunn him off, reminding him their visit is recorded.

Dunn told his fiance she knows he's a terrible liar and said he's always been one to admit when he's wrong.

"The only person at fault here isn't with us anymore," Dunn said. "It was 100 percent on Jordan (Davis), 100 percent. I don't even take a half a percent. He made that happen. Everything about that was on him."

Despite his legal situation, Dunn still took time to impart fatherly advice to his daughter.

"You're going to be 21 before you turn around twice, and you have to come to grips with the fact that you can't be friends with boys. Well, I mean, they don't want to be your friend," he told her.

Dunn told them both he loved them and said he hoped to be home the following month in time for his daughter's birthday, Valentine's Day and the three-year anniversary of he and Rouer's engagement.

"You're going to be coming home. You're going to be coming home, alright baby?" Rouer said. "I love you so much."

Dunn said he'd been doing a lot of reading, about 300 pages a day, and talked about another inmate he befriended named Billy. He even tried to make light of his situation, talking about the water in isolation being scalding hot, which makes for painful showers but great coffee.

Dunn and Rouer talked about the past, the excellent pizza they had on a trip to Italy, and their plans for the future -- being married and home together with their dog, Charlie, and Dunn getting his job and financial stability back with the computer company he used to work for.

Dunn was convicted last month of three counts of attempted second-degree murder and one count of firing into an occupied vehicle. He is awaiting retrial on a first-degree murder charge in the shooting death of 17-year-old Jordan Davis outside a Southside gas station in a dispute over loud music.

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