Evidence in road-rage killing released

Suspect claims he didn't own gun, kills 46-year-old man

By Scott Johnson - Reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Evidence released Monday in a fatal road-rage shooting more than a year ago includes the emotional 911 call from the man who found the victim's body slumped over the wheel of his pickup truck.

Jacksonville police say Isreal Williams admitted to getting into an argument with 46-year-old Thomas Schadowsky at a Gate gas station on the Dunn Avenue on Feb. 6.

Another motorist found Schadowsky's body in his pickup crashed into the about 100 yards away, engine still running, and called 911.

CALLER: "The man's draped over in the seat."
OPERATOR: "You think someone's been shot?"
CALLER: "It's possible. Uh... the window is shattered, yes. And it does look like a bullet shot. I'm getting out of the woods. The man is draped over."

IMAGES: Police evidence photos | UNCUT: 911 calls

When 41-year-old Williams was arrested more than 24 hours later, he repeatedly told investigators he didn't own a gun and never shot the victim, but evidence photos show a Ruger gun case, magazine and bullets in his home.

Williams told detectives he had nothing to do with the shooting -- just had a verbal altercation with Schadowsky. He claims that Schadowsky used the N-word multiple times.
Witness statements corroborate that there was swearing and racial slurs on the part of Schadowsky.

When Williams was asked why he backed into a parking spot, he said, "I told him he (was) ignorant... and tell him to be stupid like he did me and call me all those derogatory names for no damn reason...All over the place and drove like bat out of hell."

Williams then told police he didn't follow Schadowsky as he drove off. He claims some black sedan that police haven't found showed up and followed Schadowsky, who was eventually found dead in this truck.

"He left like a damn fool and I got crazy. There was another car. I don't know what happened with them," said Williams. "I swear to God I don't own a weapon, so I didn't shoot nobody last night."

Williams also admitted to going to Callahan the next morning and removing his two Florida A&M University license tags and replacing them. He claimed that this was something he had been planning to do and had nothing to do with the fact that police were searching for a truck with FAMU tag on front and back.

"As a man, tell the truth because right now you're not, and if you don't people are going to come back later and say you are a stone cold killer, or this is some kind of hate crime. Which is crap," an investigator said.

Williams' next court appearance is May 6.

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