Families of tree-crash victims still looking for answers

By Tim Pulliam , Nick Jones - Producer

GLYNN COUNTY, Ga. - A crash involving a tree that killed two women in Glen County the day before Thanksgiving has left the victim's families questioning who's responsible. 

Kaleigh Miller, 22, and Ashley Akra, 23, were driving down Blythe Island Highway when a tree snapped and slammed onto their car. The Georgia Department of Transportation has released a statement, but it appears they aren't yet willing to to take full responsibility.

That isn't sitting well with the victims' family.

Since Thanksgiving, Carla Miller has been raising her daughter Kaleigh Miller's three children by herself. 

"I have good days and I have bad days," said Carla Miller. "Today has not been a good day for a multitude of reasons. The children are asking more questions."

A Glenn County engineer says GDOT is responsible for 300 feet of the right-of-way off Blythe Island Highway.

Six weeks later, a spokesman from GDOT said the tree did originate from the GDOT right-of-way. However, they say the tree being on the right-of-way does not necessarily correlate with why or how the tree fell. DOT said the tree's location has nothing to do with factors that caused the tree to fall.

Miller said the trees in that area are old and rotten, and should have been cut down before this accident. She wants to know why GDOT is not taking responsibility in keeping this from happening to someone else.

The Miller family said they have obtained a lawyer and will be pursuing their legal options. 

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