Family adopts kids after mother murdered

Kishrondra Petruska adopts sister's children

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - When the Petruska family moved back to Jacksonville from Arizona, it was to be closer to family.

But because of a recent tragedy, that move comes with the addition of two more children.

"It's kind of like losing a child and a sister, because she was with me so much and just knowing these are her kids – what else would I do," said Kishrondra Petruska.

Earlier this month, Petruska's sister Telie was killed in Riverside. Her boyfriend, Prince Sanders is charged with second degree murder and no longer has custody of their two and three-year-old boys.

Those boys have now become a permanent addition to the Petruska family. Kishrondra and her husband are adopting them, even though they already have five of their own.

"I really didn't have a battle with myself as to what to do," said Petruska. "It's just now, logistically I'm like 'How is some of this going to work?'"

Petruska said the transition, so far, has been tough. More kids means having to buy more food, needing more space and spending more money.

But she said it's worth every extra penny, because on top of a bigger family, they are still dealing with a big loss. A loss, all nine new Petruskas are working through together.

"I think it's easier to deal with because I know they need us as the adults, that part makes it easier. But, it was so not what I was expecting," said Petruska.

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