Family of 8 displaced by fire

Family squeezes into hotel room

By Adrienne Moore, Jason Mealey - Producer/assignment editor

BALDWIN,Fla. - Eight family members don't know where they could be sleeping next week after a fire consumed their mobile home over the weekend.

It happened on Saturday in Baldwin. Four adults and four children ranging in age from 2 to 17 were inside at the time, and got out OK, but the mobile home is a loss and the family is scrambling to find a place to stay.

The Red Cross and the Jewish Community Center have been able to put the family up in a motel through Tuesday and have given them a little money for food. But after that, the family members are on their own.

Wednesday night, the family got word from the Sulzbacher Center, which has offered to help the family members get back on their feet.

The family is trying to create a new normal within the confines of a 400 square feet room at the Knight's Inn Motel.

"Not getting a minutes peace, stuck in a motel room with eight people. Everybody gets into one room and it drives you nuts," said Daniel Jordan.

It's crowded but comforting for the Jordans, who lost their mobile home in an electrical fire Saturday in Baldwin. Firefighters said it was sparked by an attached air conditioning unit.

"To sit outside and see something you've worked for just go.It's just unreal," said Marie Jordan.

The Sulzbacher Center offered to set them up for success. It's news we shared shortly after Channel 4 interviewed the family.

"Because at least I've got it, you know hopefully covered so where I can figure out what to do," said Marie Jordan.

For Daniel Jordan, who was recently diagnosed with stage 3 carcinoid cancer, it's a blessing -- a blessing his fiancee, Rebecca says, will allow them to better manage his treatments after the medicine from the Red Cross runs out.

"He lost a lot of his medication and stuff and the Red Cross helped us get the medicine and stuff back that he needs and stuff like that, because without it, he can't eat," said Rebecca Music.

While the weeks ahead are still full of questions, the Jordans say they'll lean on each other to stay strong and move on.

"We're grateful that nobody was hurt and everybody made it out safely. Very grateful. I don't know what I'd do if I lost my babies," said Marie Jordan.

The Jordans don't have any homeowner's or renter's insurance. Fortunately, they were able to get out of the house with a good portion of their clothes and family keepsakes.

They say there is some smoke damage to a number of things, but are hoping to replace certain things over the next couple of weeks.

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