Fla. State Senators speak about Syrian conflict

Mixed opinions on U.S. involvement

By Kent Justice - Anchor/reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Channel 4 heard from some leaders Friday in Tallahassee, about their thoughts on the conflict in Syria.

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson is clear on where he stands concerning the short-term use of force in Syria.

"I think it is clearly in our best national security interests," said Nelson. "I think it is in the security interests in the world. I will vote 'Yes' when it comes up for vote next week."

Two northeast Florida voices that representing the people in state politics shared their opinions on Syria this week.

"Nobody likes to hear we're going to war, it's not a positive thing, but it's a major dilemma certainly for our President," said State Sen. Audrey Gibson.

Gibson believes President Obama has a tough challenge in choosing how to respond to the conflict in Syria.

Channel 4 also spoke with State Sen. Aaron Bean on Friday, he said that he's hearing from his constituents that because of the threat of an American military strike, Syria always comes up in conversation.

"I'm out here talking about state issues, but that's what people want to talk about," said Bean. "Syria and any aspect you look at with Syria, I think the United States has no business what-so-ever."

Even with Syrian Americans organizing public displays opposing military intervention, Bean believes it comes down to what's best for America.

Gibson said she wants to trust Obama with making the right call.

"In the end, I believe the President so far very deliberative," said Gibson. "I'd trust, all the info he gathered it's more beneficial to the people who remain in Syria."

"There are those who say we'll just lob a couple cruise missiles into the country and that'll be it -- That's the equivalent of going to a hornet's nest, rattling, kicking it, saying, 'That'll teach 'em and settle things down,'" said Bean. "It's just going to escalate things further. Stay out, United States. Let's worry about our own country."

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