Flood fix deters disabled Jacksonville man

Man says crews made it so he can't get out of his driveway in his wheelchair

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Daniel Liverman says his yard used to have a flooding problem. In 2012, he called Channel 4 when rains pounded down in our area and flooded the property around his home.

Recently, Liverman says the city showed up to fix the problem and dug out the drainage ditch in front of 79-year-old Liverman's home on Day Avenue.

"I don't drive at all. I don't drive at all because I can't," said Liverman.

Liverman told Channel 4 Thursday night, when the city dug out his ditch, they created another problem. The crews made it so that Liverman can't get in and out of his driveway in his electric wheelchair.

"The trouble is they won't come back and fix it, so I have a driveway like it was," said Liverman. "It was all flat."

Liverman said he's pleaded with the city for months to come out and fix the new problem and that during that time, he's fallen numerous times getting out of his driveway. In fact, Liverman said he just got out of the hospital because of his latest fall.

"I'm tired. I fell yesterday," said Liverman. "They didn't do what they said they were going to do, said they were going to come back and put in a culvert so I could get in the garage, and they ain't done it."

Channel 4 contacted the city late Thursday afternoon in regard to Liverman's problems, but so far, they haven't responded to our calls.

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