Florida families fear 'fiscal cliff'

Taxpayers consider cutting costs if political parties don't compromise

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Families are crunching the numbers across the United States while Congress negotiates a resolution to the fiscal cliff, which is less than four weeks away.

"I think I need to tighten my belt and watch what we spend," said Randy Prausa, a concerned tax payer.

Without compromise, the non-partisan Tax Policy Center estimates that middle class families could owe about $2,000 more a year.

"It could mean two car payments. It could mean Christmas for the kids. It means a lot and it certainly means a lot lower income people," said tax payer Christina Strickland. 

No matter what $2,000 means to individual families, many people agree that the outcome won't be good.

"I think they want to let it go over to try to blame one side and not the other side. It's just sad we are at this place in the country," said tax payer Barry Goforth.

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