Florida's 13 Tallest Skyscrapers

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The title of tallest building in Florida changed hands twelve times over the past 100 years. Of the 12 buildings to hold the title, 6 of them are in Jacksonville.

MetroJacksonville.com takes a look at Florida's Tallest Buildings throughout more than a century.

1. Dyal-Upchurch Building - Jacksonville

Dyal-Upchurch Building (right)

Year Completed: 1902
Height: 25 Meters/6 Stories

Jacksonville first "Skyscraper" after the 1901 fire was built at the corner of Main and E Bay St. It was the first building to be built on wood pilings and also the first Jacksonville building designed by Henry J Klutho. It now serves as home to an advertising agency.

2. Atlantic National Bank Building - Jacksonville

Second from the left: Atlantic National Bank Building.

Year Completed: 1909
Height: 41 Meters/10 Stories

Built for the Atlantic National Bank, this building is the home to the only pedestrian tunnel in downtown still in use today - it connects this building to the BB&T Bank Building. It remains an office building today.

Florida's Tallest Skyscrapers Continued

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