Floridians asked to vote on new license plate

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - The Florida Department of Highway and Motor Vehicles has launched a website where people can vote on Florida's new license plate design.

Click here to vote for your favorite.

The state is investing in new license plates because they say the current plates are too difficult for cameras, toll collectors and law enforcement officers to read. The state also wants a design that allows for seven characters.

On Friday, the highway safety office invited firms interested in producing and distributing license plates, registration certificates and decals to submit proposals. The department will accept bids for that project until Dec. 3. Last month, the new license plate plans were separated from talk of privatizing the distribution of license plate tags, which drew outcry from county tax collectors from around the state

The state license plate was last redesigned in 2003.  Voting continues through Dec. 14.

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