Flu season arrives behind schedule

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Welcome to 2012, Jacksonville. Welcome to flu season.

Flu season is not something anyone looks forward to but much like death and taxes, it arrives. This year, thanks to the weather, doctors said it's running a little behind schedule.

"You have a difference between when people are out and when people are not out," Dr. Harold Laski said. "When they're inside, they're in contact with each other, therefore they can pass it much easier."

In anticipation, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a record number of vaccines. Laski recommends getting a flu shot, but according to November CDC survey, most people won't.

However there is one thing that a flu shot doesn't account for—a new variety of the swine flu. The outbreak is nowhere near the magnitude of 2009's spread of H1N1. Still, health officials worry what it could become.

The CDC survey indicated that only 36 percent of Americans get the flu vaccine.

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