FOP: Mayor broke pension promises

FOP says Mayor is contradicting previous on camera statements

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - "I believe the current system should stay. Needs some tweaking, but I believe in strong pension system," said Mayor Alvin Brown while campaigning in 2010.

While Brown was running for mayor he was captured on video saying that he wanted a strong pension system, one that he now wants to cut $1.5 billion from over the next 30 years.

The Fraternal Order of Police President Nelson Cuba, told Channel 4 Tuesday night, the video of Mayor Brown campaigning is proof that the Brown has changed his position from when he ran for office.

"I don't think we make a promise to those to protect us. I think promise made, promise met." said Cuba.

In the video Brown said he wants to tweak the system. The Mayor's Chief of Staff Chris Hand, doesn't agree Brown changed his position.

The Mayor's office said Brown doesn't want to change the pension fund to a 401K system, like a lot of state agencies are looking at, and that he does want to keep it a pension system.

Channel 4 asked Cuba for an on-camera interview Tuesday night about the Mayor's campaign video from 2010. Cuba declined saying the "video speaks for itself, " and "I'm done commenting, I'm moving forward. I'm done."

"If you look at that video you see Mayor Brown talks about sitting down with stakeholders. Well that's exactly why he's been sitting down with Mr. Cuba and FOP," said Hand.

"But we're not sitting down, we're at an impasse," said Channel 4's Scott Johnson.

"Well that's true, the city was sitting down until Mr. Cuba decided he wanted to end the talks," said Hand.

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