Former NFL player accused of child abuse

Former Miami Dolphins wide receiver arrested in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A former Miami Dolphins player was arrested Wednesday, accused of punching and abusing his teenage son.

According to an arrest report, Mark "Super" Duper, 54, got into a fight with a juvenile who was identified to Channel 4 by a witness as Duper's 17-year-old son.  While it started as an argument over the victim's girlfriend, the report says Duper punched the teen, threw him to the ground and choked him.  Police say family friend Hugh Green -- another former Dolphins player -- pulled Duper off the boy.

Green told Channel 4 that the son became physical first is a strong, very athletic person and Duper was defending himself.

He said Duper's arrest "is not what should have happened."

The boy told Channel 4 a different version of what the events that landed his father in jail.

"He punched me in the face and I fell on the ground. He then he got on top of me and i was like, holding him as close as I could to him, so hew wouldn't punch me again," the boy said. "So he picked me up with his body weight and he, liked slammed me right here like four times on his head. It knocked me out."

Duper was charged with child abuse and has since bonded out of the Duval County Jail.  The Department of Children and Families is also investigating.

Green told Channel 4 that the teenager started the fight and the arrest report notes that Duper's assault was not "aggravated in nature."

Duper caught 59 touchdowns and was inducted into the Ring of Honor following an 11-year career with the Dolphins. He was a three-time Pro Bowl selection.

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