Freezing weather causes flight delays

Frigid weather causes stir at Jacksonville International Airport

By Crystal Moyer - Traffic/reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Travelers are dealing with dozens of delays and missed flights at Jacksonville International Airport and throughout the nation.

Thousands of people were stuck at an airport Sunday night due to nationwide flight cancellations and delays that are expected to continue through the next couple of days.

Jacksonville International Airport experienced delays and cancellations Monday morning. In fact, by noon, more than 3,500 flights across the country had been canceled.

Fredrik Roxenius was among the countless people dealing with flight delays at JIA. He and his family were trying to get home to Sweden, but their connecting flight to Newark was the problem. And there's no telling when they'll be able to leave.

"It's not that bad yet. But I guess if we're stuck in Newark for a couple of days, then it will get serious," Roxenius said. "But, touch wood. So far, we're not there yet."

Extreme cold temperatures are overwhelming several parts of the U.S., causing thousands of flight delays all over.
Debbie Jones, of the Jacksonville Aviation Authority, said when it comes delays, it's not all just about the bad weather.

"Crew availability, there could be a mechanical delay," she said. "So just because it's not necessarily a northern destination doesn't mean that there can't be some kind of a delay."

Meg Redmond waited for her flight to Nashville, but for her, the big concern was the three-hour drive she'll have to make back home to Louisville, Ky.

"They're saying wind chills are negative 20, negative 30 up in Kentucky. So, we'll see," Redmond said. "Thankfully I don't think there's any snow up there, but it'll be interesting."


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