Gainesville cops come to aid of homeless man

GAINESVILLE, Fla. - Gainesville police officers and fire rescue crews came to the aid of a homeless man who was attacked by yellow jackets.

The Gainesville Sun reports 51-year-old Joseph "Crazy Joe" Piser was sleeping outside a vacant building Tuesday morning when yellow jackets began swarming around him.

Piser, who gets around in an electric wheelchair, was able to crawl away and flag down Officer Ryan McCazzio for help.

McCazzio says Piser's left eye was swollen shut and his knees and wrists were inflames from about 15 stings. The officer called for help.

As paramedics tended to Piser, Officer Kelvin Walker ran to buy insect spray. Then he and McCazzio donned neon orange raincoats and sprayed the swarming yellow jackets to get them away from the wheelchair.

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