Get home safe after New Year's Eve festivities

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Police say New Year's Eve is one of the worst nights for DUI deaths, so AAA and others are offering alternative ways for impaired drivers to get home.

Police say more than half the crashes after midnight will be alcohol related -- a sobering reality that college student Derek Gabel will never forget: an innocent bystander killed in a drunk driving accident.

"One guy from my high school got hit by a drunk driver and died," Gabel said.

Law enforcement and public safety groups always recommend designating a driver who will celebrate without alcohol.  But if it's too late for that, there are other choices.

  • AAA's TOW to GO program will tow a car for free within a 10-mile radius, and it's free, whether or not you are a AAA member.
  • The DUI Patrol in Jacksonville advertises a 40-mile flat rate the first 12 miles. They will then tow you and your car for a charge of $1.99 each additional mile.
  • Designated Drivers of Jacksonville will also transport you and your car to their destination for a fee.

Applications like Steer Clear on your smart phone also offer assistance.

Channel 4 asked people why they think drivers take the risk of operating a car while being drunk, knowing they are putting countless lives on the line.

"Definitely pride is on the line," Zack Oiler said. "They don't want to admit their drunk so confidence, and if your impaired your impaired, you don't think 100 percent straight."

Kaitlyn Jerrett, a Clemson Student, believes "they're just not thinking clearly and loose their better judgement."  

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