Gov. Rick Scott begins education 'listening tour' in Jacksonville

Governor begins week of listening to teachers, parents across Florida

JACKSONVILLE - Gov. Rick Scott stepped out of the halls of the capitol and into the halls of Pinedale Elementary in Northwest Jacksonville Monday night on what he's calling a "listening tour."

"My goal is to listen. I've been listening since I became Governor, talking to teachers and parents. All around state. See what the right program is," said Scott.

Teachers who met with the governor told him one thing they need is the state to be more clear on expectations in regards to things like the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test.

"Just being more consistent," said 5th grade teacher Steve Walden. "Letting the educators know before hand about some of the changes that we may see."

Governor Scott was quick to point out he wants benchmarks for students in the classroom that's more than just the FCAT.

"If we do measure it can't be just teaching to a test. So if we do measure something, what's the result we want. If our kids are done with K-12 they're either ready for a career or ready for college," said Scott.

Sheenah Thrasher met Rick Scott. She said she is concerned about budget cuts to schools around the state. Thrasher wants her son, Jaden, in a multicultural magnet program that she fears won't be available if there are too many budget cuts.

"Being well rounded it helps them prepare for the future I think. Being exposed to that gives them a good head start and won't shock them when they get out into the real world," said Thrasher.

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